Donation of Dry Rations to Pregnant mothers by O & G Ladies Forum 

The main aim of the O & G Ladies Forum of SLCOG is to uplift and help women and children in need. Since the country’s economy is getting worst day by day and many families are unable to fulfill their basic necessities, the members of O & G Ladies Forum have decided to donate dry rations amoung 70 pregnant mothers in the area.

Dry ration bags including essential food items such as Rice, Dhal, pax of eggs, lentils, pack of Noodles, Pack of Cream carckers, bottle of jam, dry fish, fresh milk and culinary items were donated with the funds provided by donors from members of SLCOG and O & G Ladies Forum.

Mrs Sonali De Silva, President – O & G ladies forum with the support of Mrs Kushal Ranathunga founder President of O&g ladies forum, Mrs Sureni Periapperuma-Vice president, Mrs Kalani Karunaratne- Treasurer, Mrs Thayananthy Sridharan, Dr Mrs Pushpa Perera Past President, Dr Mrs Antoinette Warnakulasooriya -Past president, Mrs Saumya Weerasekara – Past Presidentabd Dr Mrs Shiromalee Dissanayaka organized the event on 10th July, 2022 at SLCOG House. All the other members were among the participants to witness this charity.

To demarcate Eid, Vesak, Poson and Deepavali celebrated during the season, religious clergy form all religions attended the event and rituals were done before the distribution of rations.

The event was attended by Prof Sanath Lanerolle – President SLCOG, Dr Mrs Marlene Abeygunawardana -Patron SLCOG, Prof Pradeep De Silva – Past president, Dr Ananda Ranatunga – Past president and Dr Laxman Senanayaka- Past President